1.    What are the cookies?

The website of TAXIMERCEDES.COM (from now on, “website”) uses cookies. The cookies allows to following of your data navigation in our website. Cookies are small files of text that are written in the users computer,  The purpose of the cookies are to grant quick access to the website. It also personalize the content the user sees on internet, showing things that he or she are more interested in.

The web uses cookies to personalize and make easy the browse for the user. The cookies are associated to a one specific anonymous user, and its computer, it does not give any type of personal information. The user can configure his browser to reject the cookies sent by the web, and still have access to the website. In any case, the quality of the web may decrease without the cookies.


The registered users, may have access to more personalized benefits, thanks to the combination of data stored in the cookies with the personal data provided at the moment of their sign up. Those users, authorized the use of this information with the mentioned purpose, having the right to reject the use of cookies.


The web may know all the services require by the users, so it can offer the properly information for every users preferences.


2.   what types of cookies are?


The cookies are divided in:


    session cookies: they expire when the user exit the browser.


    “Permanent cookies” : They expire when the original purpose is complete, for example, a goal could be when user has to stay identified in a website.


On the other hand, cookies are classified by depending on their goal:


    Performance Cookies: this type of cookie saves the preferences for the tools that are found in the service, this way you won't have to configure again the service every time you log in.Those includes:


    Volume settings of video or sound players.


    The video transmission speeds that are compatible with your browser.


    Geolocation cookies: this cookies are used to find out in which country you are when a service is requested. This cookie is complete anonymous, and is only used to guide the content into its location.


    Register cookies: This cookies are created once the user has sign up, or after he log in, are used to identify him on the following purposes:


    Maintain the user identified, in this way is a service is closed and the browser or the computer log in again it will remain identified, this will make more easy its navigation through the site. This cookie can be erase if the users clicks on “log out”, it will have to log in again to be identified.


    Check if the user is authorized to access to specific services.


    Analytical cookies: every time an user visits a service, a tool from a external provider generates an analytical cookie in the users computer. This cookie that is only generated in the visit, will work in the next visits to the web services to identify in an anonymous way the visitor. The principals goals are:


    Allow the anonymous identification of the users through the cookie (it identify browsers and computers, not persons) and contabilize the amount of visitors and their estimated browsing time.


   Identify in an anonymous way the content more visited and therefore more atractives for the users.


    Knowing if the user that is login in is new or is repeating its visit.


   Important: except for when the user sign up, the cookie will never be associated to a personal data information that may identify you. Those cookies will only be used with statistical purposes to help improve the experience of the users in the website.


    Behavioral advertising cookies: This kind of cookies allow to maximize the information of the showed advertise to every anonymous user in the web services. Among other things, it is stored the frequency of the views for different publicities, the interaction with them, or the beahviour of the user. In this way, they allow to offer personalized advertise to the users.


    Third parties advertise Cookies: besides the advertise for the website, in their services the website offers the option to show ads through “adservers”. This way, this third parties member can store cookies sent from the services to the website of the users browsers, and have access to them.


3.    Which cookies do we use?


The cookies we use are:


    Proper: those who are send to the users system from a system of the admin, in the last, is delivered the service requested by the user.


   Session cookies


    From third parties members: those who are send to the users system from a system that is not manage by the admin, but for another identity that treats the data obtained by the cookies. Most commons are:


    Google Analytics:


    ComScore:   privacidad?cs_edgescape_cc=ES


    Real Media: us/pages/privacy_policy.html)


4.    How to disable cookies:


It is possible to stop accepting cookies in your browser, or to stop accepting cookies in a particular service.


All modern browsers allow to change the cookies setting. This settings are normaly found on the options or preferences menu. This way, you can set up your browser with your email, as to install free complement to avoid web bugs when reading an email.


The website offers orientation to the user about the steps to access the menu of cookies configuration, in your case, about private navigation in every common browser:


  Internet explorer: tools -> internet options -> privacy -> settings


   For more information you can check support from microsoft or browser help.


    Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> personalized configuration


   Chrome: configuración -> show advanced option -> privacy -> Content settings


    Safari: Preferences -> security


For more info, check apple’s support or the help inside the browser.


5.   The cookies policy Can be modified?


The website may modify this cookies policy according to legislation, rules, or with the purpose of adapting this policy to the instruction dictated by the agencia Española de Protección de Datos, that's why we advised to periodically read it.


When an important change occurs in this cookies policy, we will communicate it to the registered users through the website or through email.