Legal warning

In the compliance of the duty to inform the established on the article 10 from the law 34/2002, from july 11, the services of the society of information and electronic commerce TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M owners of the website WWW.STARTAXIMERCEDES.COM states that:


  1 Information about the company


-    Social name: TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M


-    Location:  C/ ALBASANZ 75, 2º B - 28037 MADRID


-    CIF: F81071227




-  Corporation registered under the data: PROTOC 844, TOMO 17, FOLIO 2504, ASIENTO 1, INS 28, M 2504.


This informations manage the conditions of use, limitations, responsibility and the obligations of all the users in the website formally known as: WWW.STARTAXIMERCEDES.COM .


2.    Definitions

-  “Page”, domain WWW.STARTAXIMERCEDES.COM from where the users of internet can access.


-   “User” legal person who visit the webpage.


-    “Content” are all the pages, articles and subpages contained in the domain of: WWW.STARTAXIMERCEDES.COM, there is stored the information about TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M and all our services for any user in internet. Those also contain the messages, texts, photos, graphics, icos, logo, technology, links, textures, draws, sound files, records, software, graphic design, and in general, any kind of digital material inside the webpage.


-    “Web” technical word which describes the system of access to the information through internet, it is configured by different pages written in HTML languaje or similar, and uses differents ways of programing. Uses java, javascript, PHP, and others. This designed web pages are publish under a domain, used as a name and a title for the user in internet.


- “Link” a way any user can browser through differents pages of the same web or in internet, all with a simple click over the button, text, or icon which contains the link.


-    “cookies” it allows to following of your data navigation in our website. Cookies are small files of text that are written in the users computer, this method has some issues about the privacy, that’s why TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M will assure you to inform the user when they are used in the page.


3.    Users / terms of use


The access and use of this web site WWW.STARTAXIMERCEDES.COM ascribe the conditions of USER, which accept, in that access/use the terms of use, and all the articles of the legal warning.


If the user does not agree with the articles and the terms of use of this legal warning, he won’t be able to use the website.


4.    Use of the website


WWW.STARTAXIMERCEDES.COM grant access to information, artiches, and data (from know on we will refer to them as “The content”) property of  TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M the user, assume all responsibility of using the website.


Some pages of the website (WWW.STARTAXIMERCEDES.COM) allow the participation through comments, in that order any user can submit information in our forms for it. At the moment those text are sent, by clicking in the right link, the user agrees to use in a properly way the content that WWW.STARTAXIMERCEDES.COM offers. Can’t be used to:


(i)   Incur in illegal activities, or contrary to the good faith and public order.


(ii)   Share propaganda, or anything which may be racist, xenophobic, pornography, terrorism or against the human rights.


(iii)     Make damage to the physical and logical systems of WWW.STARTAXIMERCEDES.COM, their suppliers or third parties members. 


(iv)  Trying to log in using another user information and manipulate in any way their messages.



(v)    To respect the law, the moral and good behave, the public order and the legal warning here stipulated.


At this point, the user is committed to not use any of the content with illegal purposes, forbidden in the legal warning or by the current legislation. It won't be allowed to use it, in any way that can harm, overcharge, destroy, or change the equipments, the way the content is used, and any other file stored in any electronic device of TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M, from others users or from any user of the internet (hardware and software)


The user make the commitment to not share, spread, or give to third parties member any kind of material stored on the website, such as informations, texts, data, content, messages, graphics, draws, sound or image files, photos, records, software, brands, icons, technology, pictures, links, graphic design and base code, or any other material he had access on his users condition.


Therefore, agreeing with all this information, the user will not be able to:



-        Reproduce, copy, spread, make public, transform or modify the content, unless you are authorized by TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M with a written request. The last, is the owner of the rights.


-    Erase, manage or change in anyway the “copyright” and other identification data for the rights of TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M or its owners, digital ID and others methods established for their recognition.


-   The user have to abstain from obtain or trying to obtain the contents through different ways than the originally established for it on the website. Or in general, from any other way that is often used in internet, as long as they do not represent any risk por the pages and or content.


At the same time, the user acknowledge:


-    TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M will not answer in any kind to any opinion made by the users, this one participate under they responsibility.

-   That the comments made by the users does not represent the opinions of TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M, its associates or their employees.


-   That TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M  does not guarantee in any case, the spread of the content sent by the users. In the same order of ideas, all the coments recieved will be automatically checked by an spam filter, and managed by the admin of the website, the admin will act honoring the freedom of expression.


In this case, TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M reserves the rights to remove all those comments that may offense, or harm in any way the vulnerability of a person, including discrimination, xenophobic, racists, and pornographical content that attempt against the childhood, the order or public security. The admin has free will to choose those will be and will not be published.


In any case,  WWW.STARTAXIMERCEDES.COM will not be responsable for the opinions shared by the users throught the blog or in others ways to participate that might be created.


5.   Privacy policy - Data protection


TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M is aware of the importance of data protection, as the privacy of the user, therefore, it has implement a policy of treatment for the information, dedicated exclusively to provide the maximum security in the use and collect of this information. Guaranteeing the fulfillment of the current normative and using it as a support in the way the entity acts. Thats why TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M insist on the lecture of their “privacy policy”.



6.    Links


As a service to our guests, our website may include links to others sites that do not belong to  TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M. Thats why,  TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M does not guarantee, or take any responsibility on the contents of those websites, such as legally, fiability, utility, veracity of those websites and their practice of privacy. Before you give your information to his websites, be sure to know that their privacy policy may be different from ours.


Therefore, those persons which goals are to set links between their pages and ours (WWW.STARTAXIMERCEDES.COM) must observe and fulfill the following conditions:


It won't be necessary the previous authorization  when the link unically allows the access to the home page. Any other type of link will require aa written authorization by TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M.


We won't allow frames with the websites or about the webpages of TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M.


There will not be any kind of false accusations, inaccuracies, or offenses about  TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M, their CEO, their employees, assistans, or any person who is relationated with the webpage in any way, the users, or the content.


It will not be stated that TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M has authorized or supervised the link of the content inside the website from where the link proceeds.


The website where the link is established, will only contain the strictly necessary information to identify the purpose of the link.


The website were the links is showed, won’t allow any illegal content that may attempt against the good faith and the public order, as it won’t allow contents that can undermine third parties rights.


7.    Changes of the Legal warning


With the goal to improve the website, TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M reserves the right to modify, in any time and without further notice, the information inside the webpage, the settings, design, this legal warning as any other modification they want to do. Therefore, the user must read the legal warning in every occasion he enters the website.


8.    Intellectual property - industry


TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M is the owner of all the rights of the intellectual and industrial property of their website, as of all the elements contained in it (photos, sound, video, software, texts, brands, colors, estructure, design, used materials, programs to running the website, access, use, etc) The ownership of TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M, being all rights reserved.


Any non-authorized use previously by TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M, will be considered as an breach of the rights of intellectual and industrial property of the owner.


The user compromises to respect the rights of intellectual and industrial property of the ownership of TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M. It will be able to watch the elements inside the website, print them, copy them, and store them in the hard disk drive of their personal computer or any other hardware as long as it is necessarily, for their private use. The user must not erase, change, or evade any device of protection or security system that were installed in the pages of TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M.


All the brands and commercials names that may appear in the page are property of TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M, or from third parties members who have authorized its use. The access to the website does not grant any right over the mentioned brands or commercials names, and it can’t be extended to the user, any kind of exploitation rights that may exist over those contents.


In the same way, the contents are the intellectual property of TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M, or from third parties members, in which case, TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M are the owners of the intellectual property or from third parties member who have authorized its use. Those who belong the right exercise of exploitation of the same in any form, especifically, the rights of reproduction and distribution. It is forbbiden the reproduction, distribution, the communication, of the complete or partial content inside the webpage, with the purpose of generate profit, in any way without the authorization of  TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M.


The non-authorized use of the information contained in this website, as any harm to the rights of intellectual and industrial property of TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M or from third parties members included in the website, will start a legal process by the established in the law.


9.    Cookies

The cookies allows to following of your data navigation in our website. Cookies are small files of text that are written in the users computer, this method has some issues about the privacy, that’s why TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M will assure you to inform the user when they are used in the page. The purpose of the cookies are to compile statistics of the users in the website, as to identify the user’s pc. In which case, you can configure your browser to not allow the use of cookies in internet.


TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M is aware of the importance of data protection, as the privacy for the user, for that reason, insist on the complete read of the “Cookies policy”


10.   Page availability


TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M does not guarantee the perfect operation of the website, its access, its content, or to be updated. We do guarantee to apply our best effort to keep it working. TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M does not assume any responsibility for any kind of damage occurred to the user that may cause errores, or disconnection on the networks.


TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M excludes, with the exceptions explained in the current legislation, any responsibility by the damage of any kind that may occur based on the lack of availability, or quality in the functioning of the page and the contents, as to the non-compliment of the utility expectation the users may have to it.


The purpose of the links that appears in this website are exclusively to inform the user about the existence of other webs that have information about the main topic. Those links are not a suggestion or recommendation of any kind.


TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M does not assume responsibility on security breaches that may occur, for the harm that may cause to the users devices (software and hardware) or to files stored there, as a consequence to:


-The presence of a virus in the computer of the user, that may be used for the connection of the services inside the website.


-   A bad functioning of the browser, or the use of un updated versions of them.


TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M does not assume any responsibility in the content of the third parties websites, the functioning of links, or guarantee the absence of virus that may cause problems inside the system (software and hardware), the documents and the files of the user.


The access to the webpage does not imply the obligation from TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M of controlling the absence of virus or any other kind of malware. It is responsibility of the user, to be equipped with an antivirus or others tools to detect and protect their equipments from this malware. Therefore, TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M does not take any responsibility in any security breaches that may occur during the users navigation into the website, or of the possible damage that may be caused to the third parties members (software and hardware), to the files or documents stored there, and to any error on the browser.


11.    Page’s quality


Due to dynamic environment, TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M does not guarantee the complete truthfulness, accuracy, precision, utility of the content.


The information inside the pages of this website, have the purpose to inform, consult, disseminate and advertise. There is no contractual purpose in the information.


TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M excludes from all responsibility for the decision that the user may take based on this information, as to possible typos that may content the documents and design of the page. The information is subject to periodical changes without further notice, with the goal to improve, correct or update it.


12.   Content availability


The content and the webpage won't expire. TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M is authorized to conclude or suspend the website or any of the content in any moment. If it is possible,  TAXIMERCEDES, S.C.M will announce the closure or suspension of the website.


13.   Jurisdiction


For any interpretation or use of this legal warning, as to any possible claim, all the parts will be bound to the judges and courtrooms in Madrid, resigning any other jurisdiction you may have.


14.  Applicable legislation


This conditions are governed by the Spanish legislation.


All copyright reserved by international and intellectual property laws. It is prohibited its copy, reproduction, diffusion, complete or partial by any means.